...What You See Is What You Get

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials

...What You See Is What You Get

Chicago's bottleneck boogie monster; one of the best-loved blues bands in the country. Wild, rocking slide guitar. "Rough and ready, greasy, houserocking blues...slashing slide guitar"--MUSICIAN

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1. Life Is Like Gambling 6:27
2. Find My Baby 3:42
3. Older Woman 5:29
4. Please Help 4:35
5. Toothache 2:43
6. Living For Today 7:26
7. Travellin' Life 3:59
7. SIDE B: Big Boss Man 3:57
8. Out Of The House 2:32
9. Upset Man 5:36
10. Long, Long Way From Home 7:33
10. Happy Home 3:13
11. That's Why I'm Crying 4:27
11. What You See Is What You Get 4:45
12. Bluesmobile 3:34
13. What Am I Gonna Do? 5:09
14. Packin' Up 4:13

All songs by Ed Williams, Eyeball Music, BMI except Please Help by J.B. Hutto, Songs of Polygram, BMI and Upset Man by James Young, Eyeball Music, BMI

Lil' Ed Williams, Guitar and Vocals
Michael Garrett, Guitar and Background Vocals
Eddie McKinley, Tenor Sax
James "Pookie" Young, Bass
Kelly Littleton, Drums and Percussion

Produced by Bruce Iglauer and Ed Williams
Recorded and mixed by David Axelbaum at Streeterville Studios, Chicago, IL
Cover photo by Peter Amft
Back cover photo by Ken Morton
Cover design by Peter Amft and Matt Minde
Mastered by Dr. Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital, Southborough, MA

Special thanks to our ever-growing legion of ED HEADS who keep us going and make it all worthwhile; Bruce, Nora and all the other Alligators; Garry, Ron, Ric, Sara and the AFT staff; Courtney and Morgan; Barry Magda; Pat; Mopsy; Zach; Bonnie; Larry; Henry Jones; Clyde; Dee-Dee Rose; Jacqui Peters; The Pinto; Karen; Ricahrd, Nick Urso & Family; Jew-Town Eddie; Bro (Brother-in-law); Beg-Leg J.J.; Sue & Ernestine; Odessa Scott; James Calvin Young, Jr.; Red Carpet Car Wash; Joe Charles; Sweet Sweet Lisa; The Balonas Bros.; and to all the blues societies, radio stations, club owners, and promoters who keep the blues alive...