All Grammy Award-Nominated And
Available On Vinyl For The First Time In 30 Years

All Tracks Remastered Under The Supervision Of The Original Producer, Alligator Founder Bruce Iglauer

"Slashing, flamboyant Texas blues-rock guitar"
The New York Times

"The strongest album of Winter's career"
The Chicago Sun-Times

"Awesome...explosively soulful guitar"
Guitar Player

"This is the best album I ever made."
Roy Buchanan

"Breathtaking, hardcore roadhouse rhythm & blues"
Rolling Stone

"Smoking, jumping big-band blues and gospel-rooted soul honed to a razor's edge in the Texas juke joints. Jalapeno-hot!"
The Los Angeles Times


On Friday, July 21, Alligator Records will reissue three classic titles on vinyl LP – all Grammy Award-nominated – from its unparalleled blues and roots rock catalog: Johnny Winter's Guitar Slinger, Roy Buchanan's When A Guitar Plays The Blues, and Delbert McClinton's Live From Austin. All three albums, remastered under the supervision of the original producer, Alligator Records founder and president Bruce Iglauer, and pressed on 140g black vinyl, will be available for the first time on LP in 30 years.

Originally released in 1984, Guitar Slinger was the first of three Alligator albums by the iconic American music legend, Johnny Winter. Winter was a fiery, dazzling guitar hero who played with high-octane intensity. Between 1968 and 1980, he cut 15 albums that defined the genre. In 1984 he signed with Alligator Records and made the three purest blues records of his career, solidifying his reputation as one of the top blues artists in the world. The success of Guitar Slinger sparked a career renaissance that lasted the rest of Winter's life. Cut with the cream of Chicago blues players, the album includes fan favorites Don't Take Advantage Of Me, Trick Bag and Boot Hill. Since its release, Guitar Slinger has sold over 100,000 units.

When A Guitar Plays The Blues was the 1985 Alligator debut from the late genius of pyrotechnic blues-rock guitar, Roy Buchanan. Roy, a wildly imaginative guitar wizard with a local word-of-mouth reputation in the Washington, D.C. area, burst into stardom when a public television special proclaimed him to be “The Best Unknown Guitar Player In The World.” He became a national concert attraction as fans lined up to experience his unmatched picking and amazing string bending. But his half-dozen major label albums didn’t capture his live performance fire. When he joined Alligator in 1985, he was thrilled to be given artistic freedom and a chance to record with real Chicago blues musicians. Roy considered When A Guitar Plays The Blues to be among his greatest achievements. Songs include Short Fuse, Mrs. Pressure and Hawaiian Punch. When A Guitar Plays The Blues has sold over 75,000 units.

Initially issued in 1989, Live From Austin was the first-ever live recording from Texas roadhouse singing legend Delbert McClinton. Delbert's music proudly defies classification as it blends his Texas roots with roadhouse rock, juke-joint blues, Memphis soul and country. Delbert's dynamic vocals and harmonica style range from honky-tonk and blue-eyed soul to country rock and deep blues. On Live From Austin, Delbert's passionate, gritty singing fronts his blistering, road-tested band on everything from driving rockers to raw, heart-piercing ballads. The album includes classics Standing On Shaky Ground, B Movie Boxcar Blues, Going Back To Louisiana and more. Live From Austin has sold over 150,000 units