Third Album From Guitarist, Vocalist And Songwriter, Recorded In June 2023, First Dropped To Digital Services On September 15

Also Today, Second Video From Live In LondonHard Times, Premieres At 9:00AM Eastern Time 


“Ingram plays guitar with dramatic, searing tone and sure-handed authority. And that’s just in the studio; he’s even scarier live.”
—NPR Music

“Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram has already made his mark as one of the best, and undoubtedly most exciting, blues guitarists in the world.”
—Guitar World

“Kingfish is one of the most exciting young guitarists in years, with a sound that encompasses B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix and Prince.”
—Rolling Stone

“Incendiary gig, beautifully recorded…Ingram is a force to be reckoned with.”  


On Friday, October 13, Live In London, the blistering new album from GRAMMY Award-winning guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Christone "Kingfish" Ingram, will be released as a 2-CD and a 2-LP set. Both the CD and LP sets include encore performances as bonus tracks, not originally available when Kingfish surprised his legions of fans by dropping Live In London at all digital services back on September 15. The album was recorded on June 6, 2023, in front of a sold-out, standing-room-only crowd at the famous UK club, The Garage. Live In London is the guitar-driven live album Kingfish’s diehard fans around the world have been clamoring for since they first watched him perform on YouTube when he was a teenager.

Live In London debuted on the Billboard Blues Chart at #8 even though it was a digital-only release. Press has fully embraced the album, with positive reviews across the board. American Songwriter said Kingfish is "a reminder of the power of the blues…He is providing a youthful, modern, and necessary take on the genre...And while Kingfish’s studio records are remarkable, there is something even more magnetic about Live in London…the record is deep with history and feel. This album could be his best yet. His most compelling, the most authentic, not only to the genre but to Kingfish, himself.”

Radio has also been sharing in the excitement. Live In London's first single, Midnight Heat, was the #1 Most Added track on the Americana Radio Singles Chart and among one of the most added singles at AAA and college radio. Ingram appeared live in the UK on the BBC’s Radio 2 Blues Show with host Cerys Matthews, discussing his new release as Matthews featured multiple tracks from Live In London on the program.

“The response to Live In London has been amazing. From positive press reviews, people praising the record while chatting with me at shows, to an avalanche of wonderful social media posts and DMs, I am truly overwhelmed at how people have embraced my first live album,” says Kingfish. “I’m excited for the LP and CD release as I know there are folks who have been eagerly waiting for me to drop music on their favorite format. October 13 makes the record release full circle.”

Filmed at the concert, a video of the song Hard Times from Live In London premieres today, October 13, at 9:00AM Eastern time, on Kingfish's official YouTube Channel. On September 15, Kingfish released a video of the previously unrecorded track Midnight Heat

Throughout the concert, Kingfish’s command over his instrument is awe-inspiring. He remains in the moment, at times raining down incendiary solos, other times picking poignant, blues-drenched licks, but always playing deeply from his heart. Along with his versatile, tight-knit band – bassist Paul Rogers, drummer Christopher Black and keyboardist Deshawn Alexander – he brings intensity and honesty to each song, moving the audience from hushed disbelief to spontaneous, extended ovations. Guitar World, describing a prior Kingfish live performance, declared, “Ingram sets the bar terrifyingly high, all but setting the fretboard ablaze with nimble but tasteful runs that impress while never losing sight of the song.”

Soul-stirring and steeped in energy and excitement, Live In London finds the internationally recognized guitar prodigy and vocalist performing 17 songs, with tracks including material from both of his previous studio albums, 2019’s GRAMMY-nominated debut, Kingfish, and 2021’s GRAMMY-winning 662Live In London also includes two potent, new original songs, Midnight Heat and Mississippi Night, as well as a blistering version of Michael “Iron Man” Burks’ Empty Promises. Singing with the deepest soul feeling and playing guitar with searing, organic intensity, Kingfish immediately draws fans in via his explosive set opener She Calls Me Kingfish. From the reworked, funk-inspired Hard Times to the tender tribute to his late mother, Rock & Roll, to the electric encore, Long Distance Woman (one of the two bonus tracks), Live In London takes the listener on an unforgettable, exhilarating ride.

“This album is a short lifetime in the making,” says Kingfish. “I’ve long had an interest in recording a live album and I finally felt the timing was right. Not only do I have a deeper catalog of music to choose from, but I also have been extensively touring with my band, both of which truly made recording a live album seamless. Sprinkle in the opportunity to perform in a city I love, it’s all a no-brainer and something that makes me deeply proud.”

Now, Live In London captures Kingfish’s lightning in a bottle. It's an onstage snapshot of the young singer, songwriter and guitarist creating musical magic in real time, leaving his listeners spellbound and always wanting more.

In addition to the 2-CD and 2-LP sets, Live In London is available at all streaming and download services, and can be experienced in Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos at Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and Qobuz. Exclusive versions of the physical products with official merchandise from the concert are available on the Kingfish website, including his signature Fender Kingfish guitar.