B.B. King - The 'King' Of The Blues [Vinyl LP]

B.B. King

B.B. King - The 'King' Of The Blues [Vinyl LP]

Raised in the Mississippi, where he was born in 1925, Riley B. King went on to become one of the Blues’ most influential guitarists, blazing a trail with his distinctive semi-acoustic Gibson guitar known as Lucille. The 16 classic tracks assembled here tell just one chapter of B.B. King’s story. For a decade from 1951, the RPM and related labels such as Modern and Kent were owned by the Bihari family and played host to the former tractor driver as he ploughed his own distinctive musical furrow inspired by hearing T-Bone Walker in the late Thirties. And as the man himself said ‘as long as people have problems, the Blues can never die’…

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1. 3 O’Clock Stomp
2. Quit My Baby
3. Gonna Miss You Around Here
4. Good Man Gone Bad
5. Woman I Love
6. Sugar Mama
7. Hully Gully
8. Fishin’ After Me



1. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
2. Walking Dr. Bill
3. Going Down Slow
4. Mean Ole Frisco
5. My Sometime Baby
6. Sweet Sixteen Pt. 1
7. Sweet Sixteen Pt. 2
8. Partin’ Time