Groove Time [CD]

William Clarke

Groove Time [CD]

An hour of swinging, high-powered harmonica from the late giant of West Coast blues. "Slashing, fat-toned harmonica...Clarke welds Chicago blues passion to West Coast swing"--LIVING BLUES

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1. Daddy Pinnochio 4:53
2. Saturday Night Blues 2:40
3. The Complainer's Boogie Woogie 4:53
4. This Is My Last Goodbye 2:49
5. Telephone Is Ringing 4:48
6. A Good Girl Is Hard To Find 5:09
7. The War Is Over 4:14
8. Broke And Hungry 3:05
9. Somebody Is Calling Me Home 4:25
10. Blowin' The Family Jewels 2:35
11. Watch Dog 4:34
12. Saint Or Sinner 3:11
13. Chicago Blues 6:10
14. Bedroom Boogie 3:01
15. Your Love Is Real 3:50

All songs by William Clarke, Eyeball Music, BMI, except:
Daddy Pinnochio
by Witherspoon & Taub, Powerforce Music, adm. by Careers-BMG Music, BMI; Broke And Hungry by Estes, public domain; Blowin' The Family Jewels by Clarke, Rivera Publishing, BMI; Watch Dog by Spann & Buford, publisher unknown; and Chicago Blues by Crudup, Unichappel Music, BMI.

Harmonica and Vocals: William Clarke

Lead Guitar: 
Alex Schultz, on Daddy Pinnochio, Saturday Night Blues, The Complainer's Boogie Woogie, This Is My Last Goodbye, A Good Girl Is Hard To Find, Blowin' The Family Jewels and Your Love Is Real
Kid Ramos, on Telephone Is Ringing, and Chicago Blues, Rhythm Guitar on Your Love Is Real
Little Henry, on Saint Or Sinner and Bedroom Boogie
Greg Verginio, on The War Is Over
Barry Levenson, on Broke And Hungry and Watch Dog
Al Blake, on Somebody Is Calling Me Home

Piano or Organ :
Steve f'Dor, on Telephone Is Ringing and Bedroom Boogie
John "Juke" Logan, on Daddy Pinnochio, This Is My Last Goodbye and Your Love Is Real
Andy Kaulkin, on Saturday Night Blues
Fred Kaplan, on all other songs

Acoustic Bass:  Tyler Pederson

Jimi Bott, on This Is My Last Goodbye, Telephone Is Ringing and Your Love Is Real
John Moore, on Broke And Hungry
Eddie Clark, on The Complainer's Boogie Woogie
Bob Newham, on all other songs

John Marrotti, Trumpet
Jon Viau, Tenor Saxophone
Troy Jennings, Baritone Saxophone

Barry Levenson appears courtesy of Kent Records

Produced by William Clarke
Recorded at Pacifica Studios, Culver City, CA
Engineered by Glenn Nishida
Mixed by William Clarke, assisted by Glenn Nishida
Mastered by Jay O'Rourke at Monster Disc, Chicago, IL
Bruce Iglauer, Executive Producer
Cover photos by Marc PoKempner
Disc photos by Randi Anglin
Cover design by David Forte and Matt Minde

This recording is dedicated to Jeannette and Eva Clarke - the two most important people in my life.

Special thanks to George "Harmonica" Smith, Dick Shurman, Jeannette Clarke, Charlie "Hocus Pocus" Musselwhite, Shakey Jake Harris, Bruce Iglauer, Bob Rivera, Tom Radai, Joe Lodovici, Roscoe, Willie and Gina Clarke, Tyler Pederson, Greg Verginio and Elizabeth and Roy Clarke.