Live - Highwayman [CD]

Tinsley Ellis

Live - Highwayman [CD]

Tinsley's first-ever live release. Always one of the most diverse blues-rockers, Tinsley's unique blend of hard-edged rock, simmering soul, Memphis-style R&B and Texas roadhouse is on high-energy display.

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1. Introduction Steve Chapman 0:10
2. To The Devil For A Dime 4:38
3. Highwayman 5:39
4. A Quitter Never Wins 7:03
5. Real Bad Way 7:49
6. Hell Or High Water 5:22
7. The Next Miss Wrong 5:28
8. The Last Song 9:59
9. Leavin’ Here 3:51
10. Pawnbroker 10:01
11. The Axe 8:30
12. Double Eyed Whammy 10.39

Tinsley Ellis: Guitar and Vocals

Todd Hamric: Keyboards and Background Vocals

The Evil One: Bass and Background Vocals

Jeff Burch: Drums


Produced by Tinsley Ellis and Bruce Iglauer

Recorded by Timothy “The Great One” Powell for Metro Mobile Recording, Glenview, IL, assisted by Michael Ways and Dan Glomski

Recorded live at Chord On Blues, St. Charles, IL

Mixed by Sam Fishkin at Rax Trax, Chicago, IL

Mastered by Dan Stout and Bruce Iglauer at Colossal Mastering, Chicago, IL

Live performance sound mixed by Ron Willhoff

Photos by Scott Allen

Marquee photo by Rick Septoski

Packaging Design by Kevin Niemiec


Tinsley wants to thank Larry, Michael, Rick, Jim, Derek, Michelle, Kelley, Trey, Genny, and Bobby


Very special thanks to Steve Chapman and the entire staff of Chord On Blues and to Dick Shurman


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