Live! Down The Road [CD]

Marcia Ball

Live! Down The Road [CD]

The first-ever live release from beloved Texas pianist Marcia Ball. LIVE! DOWN THE ROAD is a marvelously boisterous Marcia Ball performance from 2004, backed by her road-tested touring band. The disc features a fan's dream set list of Marcia originals from throughout her career (Eugene, La Ti Da, Big Shot, Louella) as well as her defining versions of classics like Let Me Play With Your Poodle and Louisiana 1927.

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1. Big Shot 3:59
2. The Right Tool For The Job 5:12
3. Just Kiss Me 6:42
4. That’s Enough Of That Stuff 6:26
5. Louella 6:28
6. Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday 4:46
7. La Ti Da 5:51
8. Angela Strehli 4:07
9. Down The Road 4:40
10. No Ordinary Woman 4:15
11. Crawfishin’ 5:41
12. Louisiana 1927 6:57
13. Count The Days 3:38
14. Let Me Play With Your Poodle 7:48

Recorded in the Big Room at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, CA
Recorded by Dale Price, ProSound Audio, Chico, CA
Recording Assistant: Kyle Porter
Big Room Sound Engineer: Sloan Tash
Front of House Mix: Johnny Medina
Mixed at ASM, Austin, TX by Chet Himes
Mix Assistant: Eli Smith
Mastered by Jerry Tubb, Terra Nova Digital Audio, Austin, TX
Front & back cover photos: Paul Luscher, LPL Photography
All other photos by except Red Young by Jonathan D. Holloway and Angela Strehli by Robert Hakins
Packaging design: Kevin Niemiec

Marcia Ball: Piano & Vocals
Don Bennett: Bass
Pat Boyack: Guitar
Brad Andrew: Tenor Saxophone
Corey Keller: Drums
Red Young: B-3
Angela Strehli: Guest Vocals
Mark Kazanoff: Baritone Saxophone
Al Gomez: Trumpet

Finally, a live one! Thanks to Bob Littell, Peter Berkow and Ken Grossman, you'll be able to see this one as well as hear it on the Sierra Center Stage series taped in The Big Room at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Watch for it on PBS. A really big thanks to all of our support staff: Nancy, Emily and Barbara, our families with love, Page "Web Gator" Hite, Linda Bacon for inspiration and transportation, the Big Shots, Angela Strehli, Ed Fair, Roy and Gaynell Rogers, and those fine folks at Rosebud and Alligator Records. This one goes out to LuAnne. --Marcia