One Wrong Turn [CD]

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats

One Wrong Turn [CD]

Packed with wry, irreverent songs brought to life by electrifying performances, as Estrin and The Nightcats shift effortlessly from the jaunty tiki-rock of "D.O.G." to the deranged surf music splendor of "The Legend Of Taco Cobbler," not to mention the uproarious send-up "(I Met Her On The) Blues Cruise."

"Hugely entertaining, wickedly cool blues and roots rock with a twist...masterful harmonica." - Living Blues

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1. D.O.G 4:13
2. Lucky You 3:35
3. Callin' All Fools 5:13
4. (I Met Her On The) Blues Cruise 4:31
5. Movin' Slow 4:01
6. One Wrong Turn 4:51
7. Desperation Perspiration 3:32
8. Zonin' 3:29
9. Broke And Lonesome 4:03
10. You Ain't The Boss Of Me 2:51
11. Old News 2:38
12. The Legend of Taco Cobbler 6:43

Produced by Rick Estrin and Kid Andersen
Recorded and mixed by Kid Andersen at GreaseLand Studios, San Jose, CA
Mastered by Collin Jordan and Bruce Iglauer at The Boiler Room, Chicago, IL
Photos by Kent Lacin
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec
Alligator logo by Michael Trossman

Rick Estrin: Harmonica and Vocals
Chris "Kid" Andersen: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass and Background Vocals
Lorenzo Farrell: Organ, Acoustic and Fender Bass and Piano
J. Hansen: Drums, Percussion, Vocals on "You Ain't The Boss Of Me," Background Vocals and Dog Bark

Additional Musicians:
Doug James: Saxes on "Blues Cruise"
Chris Barnes: Trumpet on "Blues Cruise"
Jack Sanford: Saxes on "Blues Cruise" and "Movin' Slow"
Terry Hanck: Sax on "Zonin'"
Tim-Bob Harris: Trumpet on "The Legend Of Taco Cobbler"
Aki Kumar: Cowboy Harmonica on "The Legend Of Taco Cobbler"
Lisa Leu Andersen: Background Vocals on "Blues Cruise" and "Desperation Perspiration"

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats would like to thank: The entire, stellar staff at Alligator Records; Barry and Holly Walter; Patty and George Sargent; Betz Girouard at Whirled Visions; Jim Johnson; Don Yonder Andrews; and also the Blues Cruise video cast and crew-Audrey Wells at, Keven Campbell, Jason Knight, Sean Kime, Stephanie Hyden, Dar and Gerardo Lopez, Mary Hart, Darlene and Charlene Neal, Shelly White, Mitch Woods, Sharolyn McCauley, and of course Roger Naber.

Lorenzo Farrell thanks: Erin Wilson; Bev, David and Stephen Farrell; Elanne Kresser; and Gallien Krueger Bass Amps.

Kid Andersen thanks: Throbak Pickups and Pedals; King Amplification; LaBella Strings, Chapin Guitars; Johnny Cat at Guitar Hospital; David Crane; Red Plate Amps; Wayde Audio Amps; and Anderon's Minions.

Rick Estrin thanks: Joe Filisko; Hohner Inc; Flavio Guimaraes; Greg Heumann at; Dave Wren at; and Mark Overman.

Booking: Tina Terry Agency, (336) 273-0446,