Groovin' In Greaseland [CD]

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats

Groovin' In Greaseland [CD]

Estrin and his celebrated band of virtuosos present another infectious collection of whip-smart blues, filled with crafty songwriting and exceptional musicianship.  The songs are delightfully wily and warped lyrically, effortlessly tight and playful musically. Thirteen fresh originals ride Estrin’s powerhouse harmonica and “hard-luck sandwich on wry” lyrics and The Nightcats’ wild guitar, soul-deep organ and greasy grooves.  Powerful, rollicking and magical…virtuoso harp, wildly eccentric guitar, sly, streetwise vocals and great songs” –Blues & Rhythm 

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1. The Blues Ain't Going Nowhere 5:08
2. Looking For A Woman 5:21
3. Dissed Again 2:56
4. Tender Hearted 4:21
5. MWAH! 3:20
6. I Ain't All That 4:31
7. Another Lonesome Day 5:35
8. Hands Of Time 4:53
9. Cool Slaw 4:41
10. Big Money 2:41
11. Hot In Here 2:38
12. Living Hand To Mouth 5:09
13. So Long (for Jay P) 3:24

All songs by Rick Estrin, Locked In Music, BMI, except as shown

Produced by Kid Andersen and Rick Estrin
Recorded and mixed at Greaseland, San Jose, CA.
Recorded by Kid Andersen and Robby Yamilov
Mixed by Kid Andersen assisted by Bruce Iglauer
Mastered by Collin Jordan and Bruce Iglauer at The Boiler Room, Chicago, IL
Vocal production by Lisa Leu Andersen
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec
Greaseland Photography by William J Henderson/ Hold The Eye images

Rick Estrin: Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Kid Andersen: Guitar, Bass (5) (9) (10)
Lorenzo Farrell: Organ, Piano, Wurlitzer
Alex Pettersen: Drums

Additional folks:
Jerry Jemmott: Bass (1) (2) (7)
Joe Kyle, Jr.: Bass (3) (4) (6) (11) (12) (13)
Robby Yamilov: Bass (8)
Nancy Wright: Tenor Sax (5)
Terry Hanck and John Halbleib: Horns (10)
Martin Windstad: Percussion (10)
Jim Pugh: RMI Electra Piano  (10)        
Kyle Jester, Aki Kumar, Jerry McWorter, Kid Andersen, Sam Bolle: Background Vocals (3)
Lisa Leu Andersen: Background Vocals (10)
J Hansen, Robby Yamilov: Additional Handclaps (3)

Rick thanks Joe Filisko, Mark Overman and Greg Heumann. Kid Andersen sends special thanks to Lisa Leuschner, Frankie Ramos (RIP), Brian Tramontana (RIP), Jim E. Johnson (RIP), Bill Henderson, Aki Kumar, Jim Pugh, Bob Welsh, Roman Yamilov and my neighbors Irene and Danny.

Rick Estrin plays Hohner harmonicas. Kid Andersen uses Throbak strings and pickups.

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