Howlin' Wolf - Message To The Young [Vinyl LP]

Howlin' Wolf

Howlin' Wolf - Message To The Young [Vinyl LP]

This was the 8th album by blues master Howlin' Wolf released by Chess Records in 1971. Often considered an attempt at offering the masses a psychedelic record, its sound ranges from acid-rock, to blues, to funk, and back again. The title song is Wolf's attempt at reaching the youth of the era in a beautiful spoken word ballad which can easily be summed up in two words: Be Yourself. Arranged and conducted by Cash McCall, this album presents Wolf in the company of legendary pianist Sonny Thompson.

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Track Listing

Side: 1

1 If I Were a Bird
2 I Smell a Rat
3 Miss James
4 Message to the Young

Side: 2

1 She's Lookin' Good
2 Just As Long
3 Romance Without Finance
4 Turn Me on