Nine Lives [CD]

Little Charlie & The Nightcats

Nine Lives [CD]

A dizzying blend of American roots music styles anchored by harpist/singer Rick Estrin's wry, streetwise lyrics and guitarist Little Charlie Baty's otherworldly fretwork. NINE LIVES proves these 'Cats are still at the top of their game.

No Longer Available on CD
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1. Keep Your Big Mouth Shut 4:34
2. Handle With Care 5:02
3. So Good 3:43
4. Got To Have A Job 3:29
5. Circling The Drain 4:48
6. Don’t Cha Do Nothin’ 4:16
7. Cool Johnny Twist 6:20
8. You’re It 4:48
9. Quittin’ Time 5:30
10. Deep Pockets 5:02
11. Wall To Wall 3:07
12. Sugar Daddy Sweet 3:17
13. Slap Happy 3:46

All songs written by Rick Estrin (Locked In Music, BMI) except 8 & 13 by
Charlie Baty (Eyeball Music, BMI) and 10 by J. Hansen (Rhythman Music, BMI).

Guitar: Little Charlie Baty
Harmonica & Vocal: Rick Estrin
Drums & Percussion: J. Hansen (Lead vocal on 10, background vocals on 1 & 3)
Bass: Lorenzo Farrell

Chris Siebert: Piano
John Firmin: Tenor Sax
Scott Peterson: Baritone Sax
& The Original Faded Boogie Quartet (Rusty Zinn, George Zinn, R.H. Hairless & Ronnie James Weber), Background vocals on 4 & 6

Produced by Little Charlie Baty & Rick Estrin
Recorded & mixed by Jerry Hall
Recorded at Bayview Studios, Richmond, CA
Additional recording at Peace In The Valley, Arleta, CA
Mixed at Peace In The Valley, Arleta, CA
Mastered by Lou Hempsey at Lou Hempsey Music and Film, Studio City, CA
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec
Photos by Eric Logan
Photo shoot direction by Audrey Wells/Fork It Magazine
Photo shoot location: Limn Furniture Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Special thanks to:
Norm Blacksher, Cadillac Pete's Harp Stands, Keith Cary (Guitar Repair), Ernie Ball Music, Steve & Chris Fazio (Vero Amplifiers), Joe Filisko, Gallien-Krueger Amplifiers, Dennis Gruenling (Harp microphones), Lisa Hansen, the late Robin Harris, Hohner Harmonicas, Doug Jay, John Kinder (Harp King Amplifiers), H. Jon Lang, Bob Lipelt, Skip Simmons (Amp Repair), Richard Sleigh (Custom Harmonicas), Bert Swanston, Craig Van Wagner & Zenbu Music.

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