Outskirts Of Love [CD]

Shemekia Copeland

Outskirts Of Love [CD]

Shemekia returns to Alligator with a new release celebrating her continuing mastery of roots music styles from blues and soul to rock and Americana.  ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons (guitar on a smoldering version of “Jesus Just Left Chicago”), Robert Randolph, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Will Kimbrough guest, but it’s Shemekia and her commanding vocals that dominate the performances on new original material, plus songs by John Fogerty, Albert King, Jesse Winchester, Jessie Mae Hemphill and her father, Johnny Copeland.  “Shemekia captures the timelessness of the blues while spinning it forward with remarkable maturity.” —USA TODAY

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1. Outskirts Of Love 4:05
2. Crossbone Beach 3:51
3. Devil's Hand 3:43
4. The Battle is Over (But The War Goes On) 3:53
5. Cardboard Box 3:01
6. Drivin’ Out Of Nashville 3:17
7. I Feel A Sin Coming On 3:52
8. Isn't That So 3:17
9. Jesus Just Left Chicago 4:35
10. Long As I Can See The Light 3:21
11. Wrapped Up In Love Again 3:04
12. Lord, Help The Poor And Needy 3:10

Shemekia Copeland: Vocals
Oliver Wood: Guitar and Background Vocals 
Jano Rix: Drums, Percussion and Keyboards
Lex Price: Bass

Guest Artists:
Billy F Gibbons: Guitar (9) 
Alvin Youngblood Hart: Guitar and Vocal (5)
Robert Randolph: Steel Guitar (2)

Additional musicians:
Guitar: Will Kimbrough (1,3,4,6,7,10), Arthur Neilson (11), and Guthrie Trapp (6)
Pedal Steel: Pete Finney (6)
Horns: Matt Glassmeyer (3,7)
Background vocals: Jason Eskridge (4,7,8)
Organ: Eric Fritsch (1)
Percussion: Mike Poole (9)

Produced by Oliver Wood
Executive Producer: John Hahn
Recorded by Mike Poole at Southern Ground Nashville and Sound Emporium, Nashville TN
Mixed by Mike Poole at The Office, Nashville TN
Additional Recording by Brandon Bell, Eric Fritsch, Scott Bomar, Sean Quackenbush, VD King and G.L. Moon
Recording Assistants: Chris Taylor, Ben Simonetti and Mike Stankiewicz
Mastered by Eric Conn at Independent Mastering, Nashville TN
Photos by Mike White, except cover photo by Denis Tangney Jr.
Design by Kevin Niemiec

Thanks to: Orlando Wright, Sandra Copeland, Tory Edwards, Cindi Hahn, Phyllis Edwards, Patrick McAuliff, Garry Buck, Ron Kaplan, Betsy Kopczynski,  Arthur Neilson, Willie Scandlyn, Kevin Jenkins, Robin Gould, Bev Howell, Trey Larson, Joe Hardy, Brandon Bell, Rebecca Wood, Scott Bomar, Ian Siegal, Sean Quackenbush, Jean-Herve Michel, Marc Lipkin, Tim Kolleth and everyone at Alligator Records, Marya Glur, Tom Marker, Michael Cloeren, Basil Charles, Amy Treco, Blackie and Red, Joe Farmer, Liz Penta, Frank, Don and Lorrie at Jeri’s Grill, Cookie Taylor and as usual, my dad, Johnny Clyde.

Special thanks to: Billy F Gibbons, Robert Randolph, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Oliver Wood, John Hahn, Bob Merlis, and Bruce Iglauer.
This record is dedicated to B.B. King, my dear friends, Peg Waltner, Fran Kulle and Damon Eppley.
Robert Randolph appears courtesy of Dare Records.
Management: John Hahn Management, Phone (212) 580-5722, jhahn4@gmail.com
Booking: Patrick McAuliff, Monterey International, Phone (312) 640-7500, patrick@montereyinternational.net