The Earthshaker [CD]

Koko Taylor

The Earthshaker [CD]

Gritty blues packed with power and soul. Pinetop Perkins on piano. Includes "I'm a Woman," "Hey Bartender" and "Let the Good Times Roll." "A great record...this album deserves its name"-VILLAGE VOICE

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1. Let The Good Times Roll 3:00
2. Spoonful 3:00
3. Walking The Back Streets 6:45
4. Cut You Loose 3:24
5. Hey Bartender 2:51
6. I'm A Woman 4:36
7. You Can Have My Husband 2:45
8. Please Don't Dog Me 5:16
9. Wang Dang Doodle 4:51

Koko Taylor, Vocals
Johnny B. Moore, Guitar
Sammy Lawhorn, Guitar
Pinetop Perkins, Keyboards
Mervyn "Harmonica" Hinds, Harmonica
Abb Locke, Sax
Cornelius "Mule" Boyson, Bass
Vince Chappelle, Drums

Produced by Koko Taylor, Bruce Iglauer, and Richard McLeese
Recorded at Mantra Studios, Chicago, IL
Freddie Breitberg, engineer, assisted by Eddie B. Flick
Album design by Ross & Harvey Graphics
Cover photo by Michael Vollan
Liner photo by Mark PoKempner

Thanks to Suzanne McLeese, Jim O'Neal, and Roy Filson

Koko Taylor - blues belter. The hardest-rocking, grittiest, roughest, toughest blueswoman around. A voice so powerful it can shake the walls of a smoke-filled tavern. A voice with a razor edge that can cut through a shouting, dancing crowd. A voice honed by twelve years on the road, singing everywhere from the tiniest small town bars to giant outdoor festivals. A voice that has devastated audiences on five European tours. A voice that injects every note with that joyous, searing Chicago raunch.

When Koko hits the bandstand, she takes command. She's not one of those kewpie-doll girl singers posing in front of a slickly rehearsed music machine. Koko's in charge of her band, molding and shaping their music, keeping their rhythms tight and driving, forcing the musicians to squeeze every drop of their energy into every single performance. And she demands just as much from herself as she does from her band. Koko's had to fight for her place in the blues world, a man's world. And the only way for a woman to survive in the blues is to give everything she's got, every night, in every song.

Koko's music is pure, unabashed bar music. It's perfect for just plain getting drunk and getting down. It's music that can reach down inside and shake you out of even the deepest depression, then get you up on your feet and dancing till you drop. Because when that woman, with that band, and that earthshaking voice, comes roaring into your ears, you don't just hear it. You feel it.