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Son Seals Chicago Blues Guitar DVD

Son Seals Chicago Blues Guitar DVD

Smoking Lead Guitar Taught by Mr. Bad Axe, one of the great Chicago bluesmen

In this 1999 instructional session, Son Seals provided an extraordingary personal lesson on how to play tough, no-nonsense blues guitar in a variety of rhythmic settings. An inspiring teacher along with being an awesome performer, Son was as direct in his explanations as he was in his guitar playing.

He put his heart into each song segment, which includes shuffles, slow blues, funk blues, and minor blues, interjecting humurous anecdotes and practical playing advice for guitarists at all levels of experience.

He was particularly adept at conveying his approach and enthusiasm for minor blues, delivering a spellbinding performance in the process.

In addition, he was a master at up-tempo shuffles, demonstrating clearly how to pace and build a solo. By observing Son's technique in such an intimate setting, you'll see that the secret to his power and energy was in the fingers and not in excessive amplification. An easy-to-follow booklet is included that contains transcriptions of essential musical examples.

DVD 55 minutes
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