Brighter Days: The Film And Live Concert Album [CD/DVD]

JJ Grey & Mofro

Brighter Days: The Film And Live Concert Album [CD/DVD]

First-ever live release from JJ & Mofro! Recorded at a typically incendiary performance in Atlanta, the 12-song, 78-minute CD features fan favorites “Lochloosa,” “The Sun Is Shining Down” and the title track. Two-hour DVD includes all songs on the CD, plus three more, and includes revealing interview and studio vignettes woven between the songs. Shot in HD with 5.1 Surround Sound.

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1. Country Ghetto 4:24
2. A Woman 8:09
3. Brighter Days 8:09
4. Air 5:01
5. War 4:50
6. Lochloosa 11:20
7. Dirtfloorcracker 4:16
8. Orange Blossoms 5:28
9. Ho Cake 7:55
10. The Sweetest Thing 7:50
11. The Sun Is Shining Down 9:17
12. On Fire 6:33
1. The Church (Documentary/Interview) 2:27
2. War (Concert Video) 4:32
3. This Place (Documentary/Interview) 1:12
4. Country Ghetto (Concert Video) 4:21
5. A Woman (Concert Video) 3:30
6. In The Studio (Documentary/Interview) 2:37
7. Brighter Days (Concert Video) 8:09
8. Hide & Seek (Concert Video) 3:47
9. What's The Sound (Documentary/Interview) 2:25
10. Ho Cake (Concert Video) 13:14
11. Playin' With Folks (Documentary/Interview) 0:49
12. Air (Concert Video) 5:15
13. A Christmas Story (Documentary/Interview) 1:16
14. Dirtfloorcracker (Concert Video) 4:20
15. Sexually Charged (Documentary/Interview) 0:30
16. Slow, Hot & Sweaty (Concert Video) 7:25
17. King Hummingbird (Concert Video) 5:12
18. Runnin' From The Law (Documentary/Interview) 1:08
19. Orange Blossoms (Concert Video) 5:17
20. On Fire (Concert Video) 6:04
21. At The Creek (Documentary/Footage) 2:50
22. Lochloosa (Concert Video) 11:17
23. The Shining Down Story (Documentary/Interview) 0:41
24. The Sun Is Shining Down (Concert Video) 8:55
25. The Sweetest Thing (Concert Video) 7:58
26. Reflectin' (Documentary/Interview) 0:39
27. End Credits (Documentary/Interview) 4:05

First-ever live release from JJ Grey & Mofro! 12-song, 78-minute CD and two-hour DVD includes all songs from the CD, plus three more exclusive to the film, and includes revealing interview and studio vignettes woven between the songs. Shot in HD with 5.1 Surround Sound.

Album Produced by JJ Grey
Film Directed by Spookie Daly
Film Produced by Spookie Daly and Jesse Aratow
Executive Producer: Bruce Iglauer
Associate Producer: Talmidge ‘Sweet Thang’ Davis
Film Edited by David Bragg, Spookie Daly and Sabrina Hilario
Director of Photography: Shane Peters
Audio Recorded and Mixed by Carl Nappa Audio
Mixed at Derrty Studios STL and The Hit Factory Criteria
Mastered by Mark Donahue at Soundmirror
Audio Consultant: Dan Prothero
Artwork by JJ Grey and Kevin Niemiec
Photos by Tibor Nemeth

Recorded at The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, Georgia on January 22, 2011

JJ Grey – Lead Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Anthony Cole – Drums
Andrew Trube – Lap Steel and Electric Guitar
Anthony Farrell – Organ and Piano Art Edmaiston – Baritone and Tenor Saxophone
Dennis Marion – Trumpet
Todd Smallie – Bass

All songs written and arranged by JJ Grey

Published by JJ Grey Music, BMI except Dirtfloorcracker written by JJ Grey and Daryl Hance, JJ Grey Music, BMI / Eyeball Music, BMI

On January 22nd, 2011 we all got together at The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, Georgia for a wonderful evening of music. As always the folks that came brought the show to that level where time stands still and the evening becomes almost surreal. We want to thank everyone for bringing it and for making it so easy to play; without y’all we wouldn’t get there. I’ve always felt that the music opens the door but we’ve all got to walk through it together. Our thanks to all the folks that night and every other night who’ve taken and hopefully continue to take that stroll with us.

Thanks to: Dan Prothero, Jesse Aratow, Daryl Hance, Cassie Siegel and everyone at Madison House, Jim and Nancy Devito, Derek Trucks, Spookie Daly, Rob “Daddy-O” Breitenfeld, Joshua Knight and Monterey International, Bruce Iglauer and the gang at Alligator Records, Chris Delucchi, Colin Peterson, Aaron Coteff, Danny Owen, Clay Daniel, Hal-Joe, The Hance Family, Mark Baxter, Suzi Matthews, Robbie and Lois Weitnauer, Brett Fitzgerald, Tim Padgette, Michael Wagoner at Gibson, Mark Baier at Victoria Amplifiers, Shane Smith and the whole crew at Bolt Amplifiers and as always, my family.