Georgia Warhorse [CD]

JJ Grey & Mofro

Georgia Warhorse [CD]


Ups the ante on JJ's heady mix of Southern rock, blues and swampy soul. From the swaggering, slide-drenched title track to the duet with reggae icon Toots Hibbert on "Sweetest Thing" to the hypnotic build of "King Hummingbird," this is the work for a world-class songwriter and artist at the top of his game. Guitarist Derek Trucks also guests. "Inspired, deliriously funky, deep-in-the-pocket front porch soul."-Chicago Sun-Times

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1. Diyo Dayo 3:57
2. King Hummingbird 6:57
3. The Sweetest Thing 4:28
4. All 4:26
5. Georgia Warhorse 5:44
6. Gotta Know 6:04
7. Hide & Seek 3:45
8. Beautiful World 4:01
9. Slow, Hot & Sweaty 4:37
10. The Hottest Spot In Hell 4:03
11. Lullaby 4:55


Music Video for "The Sweetest Thing"
Featuring JJ Grey & Toots Hibbert


Produced by Dan Prothero and JJ Grey
Recorded and Mixed by Dan Prothero
Co-engineered by Jim Devito
Executive Producer Jesse Aratow

Recorded at Retrophonics Studio, St. Augustine, Florida
Additional Recording at The Egg Room
Mixed at The Studio That Time Forgot, San Francisco, California
Horns on The Sweetest Thing arranged by JJ Grey and Art Edmaiston
Mastered by Steve Berson at Total Sonic Media, Brooklyn, New York
Artwork by JJ Grey
Photos by Dan Prothero

JJ Grey – Lead and Backing Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar,
Acoustic 6- and 12- String Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Clavinet, Talkbox, Harmonica

Anthony Cole – Drums
Andrew Trube – Bass, Lap Steel and Acoustic Guitar
Anthony Farrell – Rhodes and Piano
Art Edmaiston – Tenor Saxophone
Dennis Marion – Trumpet
Adam Scone – Hammond B3 Organ
Chris von Sneidern – Percussion

Derek Trucks – Slide Guitar on Lullaby
Toots Hibbert - Vocals on The Sweetest Thing

Derek Trucks appears courtesy of Sony Masterworks
Toots Hibbert appears courtesy of D & F Music

Thanks to: Dan Prothero, Jesse Aratow, Daryl Hance, Cassie Siegel and everyone at Madison House, Jim and Nancy Devito, all the folks who played on this album, Toots Hibbert, Derek Trucks, Spookie Daly, Rob “Daddy-O” Breitenfeld, Joshua Knight and Monterey International, Carrie Lombardi, Megan McFann, Bruce Iglauer and the gang at Alligator Records, Chris Delucchi, Adam “Chow Wow” Ayers, Colin Peterson, Danny Owen, Clay Daniels, Hal-Joe, The Hance Family, Mark Baxter, Suzi Matthews, Freebird Live, Southern Threads, Robbie and Lois Weitnauer, Michael Waggoner at Gibson, Mark Baier at Victoria Amplifiers, Shane Smith and the whole crew at Bolt Amplifiers and as always, my family.

For over 20 years I’ve been coming to this place to record. In fact it’s the only studio I’ve ever tracked an album in. All of the previous records were recorded here in the same manner and, to be quite honest, I wouldn’t know how to record an album in any other studio. In truth, “studio” is really a meaningless word in the face of what Retrophonics is. It is a work of art. A living museum of the finest equipment from the golden ages of music production put together over many long years with such meticulous detail that it borders on chaos. Egypt has the pyramids, France the Eiffel, Italy the Sistine and right here in north Florida we’ve got Jim Devito’s masterpiece, Retrophonics. Thanks Jim. -– JJ

“I always heard them called Georgia Warhorses but never with any love. They always had my respect for their tenacity, strength and extreme toughness. Stomping on one was like stomping on a Tonka toy. Folks thought that they was gone for good but they’re still there lurking in the background, watching and waiting. Listening out for the voice of all that is to say, ‘Wake up little brother! Fly up and cover the sky like night once more!’” -– JJ