The New Bluebloods The New Generation of Chicago Blues [CD]

Various Artists/Anthologies , Billy Branch , Michael Coleman , The Kinsey Report , Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials , Dion Payton , Professor's Blues Review , Melvin Taylor , John Watkins , Valerie Wellington

The New Bluebloods The New Generation of Chicago Blues [CD]

Ten of the finest younger blues musicians from the Windy City! Includes Lil' Ed &  The Blues Imperials, Melvin Taylor, The Kinsey Report, John Watkins, Dion Payton, The Sons of the Blues, Professor's Blues Review and Valerie Wellington.

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1. Corner Of The Blanket 3:34
2. A Fool For You 3:10
3. All Your Affection Is Gone 4:22
4. The Only Thing That Saved Me 3:15
5. Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On 4:31
6. Chained To Your Love 6:12
7. Woman Loves A Woman 3:46
8. Nothing Left To Believe In 4:24
9. Depression Blues 3:42
10. Young Thing 2:49

Michael Coleman
Donald Kinsey & The Kinsey Report
Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials
Dion Payton and the 43rd Street Blues Band
Professor's Blues Review featuring Gloria Hardiman
The Sons of Blues/Chi-Town Hustlers
Melvin Taylor and the Slack Band
Maurice John Vaughn
John Watkins
Valerie Wellington

Recorded by Justin Niebank and Fred Breitberg
Mixed by Justin Niebank
Recorded and mixed at Streeterville Studios, Chicago, Illinois
Cover design by Bob McCamant
Cover photo by Mark PoKempner
Liner notes by Bill Dahl
Liner photos by Larry Kodani and Susan Mattes
Additional liner photos courtesy of Dion Payton and J.W. Williams
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Frankford/Wayne, New York, NY
Dion Payton produced by Dion Payton and Bruce Iglauer
The Kinsey Report appears courtesy of Sinai Productions

Special thanks to Mindy Giles, Hilton Weinberg, Pam Hall, Bill Wokersin, Jay Whitehouse, Nora Kinnally, Lolita Ratchford, Lisa Shively, Eric Charles, Sarah Jo Kolanda, Tony Manguillo, Dick Shurman, Bill Gilmore, Sharron Scott and Kenny Morton.